A small, but hopefully growing, collection of things I’ve thought of and written about.

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    I can’t stop listening to Jake Minch’s EP

    Every now and then I listen to a set of songs that have a tendency to stick in my head right before I fall asleep and they’re the first melody on my mind when I wake up. Read more ↗

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    A hello and a January recap

    A hello, a section on wanting to write, what is this website and what I want it to be, thoughts on an album I listened to non-stop in January, and a short paragraph of marvelling at the Olympic games brand guidelines. Read more ↗

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    Allowing Data to Just Exist

    Due to my own consistent logging efforts, six months of my life are now documented through charts. What started as a table that I drew on an A4 sheet with a felt-tip pen, has later become a growing printable template, with new columns added as time went on. Read more ↗